As a part of its Training plan that includes Health, Safety, Security, Quality and Environmental topics, TRANSPORTES A. MARTIN, S.L. wants to appoint as a main target the constant training and preparation of its drivers related to Preventive and Defensive Driving concepts (BBS program).

In this way, the company develops a training program to improve the performing conditions by its drivers and increasing safety and security during those services, reducing accidentabilty rates, improving the capacity and knowledges by its employees in a way it is a positive impact for the organization, clients, society ang general environment.

formación en conducción preventiva

As a secondary target for the program, but equally important, company wants to reduce the impact of its activity in people and environment around us, lowering resources conssumption and making a more efficient usage of them, and finnally reducing our emisión levels.

El programa de formación en conducción preventiva (BBS) y defensiva incluye tanto sesiones de formación teórica, como jornadas de formación práctica y de observación y coaching para sus conductores.The preventive and defensive driving training program (BBS) includes theoretical trainig sesions and also coaching and driving training for its drivers.

At the same time, Company has developed technical and human tools and resources to measure the efficiency of this program and to follow on real time the driving performance of its drivers.

In the same way, Company through its entire organization promotes the deloing of this kind of programs across all the logistic chain, using the existence of those kind of training programas base don behaviour based os safety as ono of the criteria to hire service sor to stablish alliances.